Celebrating 10 years of CytoSorb Commercialization | Neue Zoom-Hintergründe

Hi All,
I hope all is well.  As all of you know, this year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of CytoSorb commercialization, an outstanding accomplishment that has helped to treat tens of thousands of patients, with more than 162,000 treatments across more than 70 countries worldwide to date.  Every department has contributed to this success and to commemorate the occasion, Kristin and the marketing team have designed fantastic new 10th anniversary Zoom backgrounds (thanks Rene!) and a great email signature gif (thanks Felix!).
They can be downloaded at these links:
To add the gif at the end of your signature, go to Settings and do a search of "Email Signature".  If you don't already have a signature, then click "+ New Signature".  Type out your contact information and at the end, click on the picture icon that says "Insert pictures inline".  Go find the downloaded email gif file and click on it.  You should now see the gif in your email signature.  Then go to the bottom of the screen and "Save".  That should do it.
Please display them proudly!  



Phillip P. Chan, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer


CytoSorbents Corporation

7 Deer Park Drive, Suite K

Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

(T) 732-329-8885  ext *823

(M) 908-307-0367

(F) 732-329-8650

[email protected]


Tags: Marketing, Zoom
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