A short moment for you

A short moment for you - 4 exercises for the desk

1) The Eagle

Swing the right arm under the left so that the elbows are on top of each other. Fold your forearms upwards and place the palms of your hands on top of each other. If you can't do that yet, put the backs of your hands together.


2) Half sitting Lotus

Sit down on the chair so that your feet touch the floor. Now place one foot on your thigh and pull your knee slightly towards the floor. Bend forward as far as you can with your back straight.


3) Lean forward

Fold your hands in your back and pull them down, so that the shoulder blades pull together and the chest is opened. Now bend forward and pull your arms as far above your head as possible. 



4) Forearm stretching

Stand in front of a table and rest your hands on the edge so that your fingers are pointing towards you. Shift your weight forward in inhalation and backward in exhalation. 


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