Recipe of the week - week 30

Russian summer soup


6 large potato(es) 

1 ring/s meat sausage or poultry sausage

6 egg(s) 

1 bunch of radishes 

1 cucumber(s) 

1 bunch of chives or spring onions

1 bunch of dill 

2 cups of sour cream 

1 cup of sour cream, 200 g

2 tablespoons vinegar to taste, possibly more or less

salt and pepper, black 

2 litres



Boil the potatoes and eggs with the skin, then let them cool down and peel them. Cut all ingredients into as fine cubes as possible. 

Put everything in a pot and mix with the water, sour cream, sour cream and spices, season to taste and then put in a cool place. The acroschka must rest for 2 - 4 hours. It can also be left in the refrigerator overnight.

Then it is simply eaten like soup. Cool - just right for the summer.

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