Update: Travel expense report

-       In future, original receipts no longer have to be sent to our Berlin office. Digital storage/archiving within HRworks will suffice. Please ensure that all receipts:

·      uploaded in good quality and completely legible and that all pages of an invoice are captured.

·      Proof of payment, emails or screenshots will not be accepted! 

·      Please do not destroy receipts until payment has been made!

-       We have added new receipt types in HRworks. Please select the correct ones when entering them.

-       There is now an additional note field within each receipt in HRworks. Use this to provide us with any additional information.

-       Receipts for petrol must now be entered without VAT (German resident employees only).

-       For payments in foreign currencies, enter the amounts in your own national currency and upload a bank statement of the payment concerned in addition to the invoice. This way we can ensure that we as a company take over the exchange rates.

-       If you have any questions regarding travel expenses, please write to us at [email protected].

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