Here is one way you can potentially minimise the number of Notifications you get. This is especially useful when sending invitations to many people.
Tags: Daylite, Outlook

Replacement and Resale of old Computer Equipment

The second life of our retired computer equipment.
Find a better way to share Dropbox paths internally.

Zoom recordings and Data Storage

What to consider when recording Zoom meetings.

New IT-Ticketing System

New IT-Ticketing system to ensure more efficient support.
The use of this new IT-Ticket system is mandatory for all CytoSorbents employees.
Tags: IT, Ticketing
How to make certain that mails do not end up in your junk mail.

Zoom Product Updates

Restricted Screen Sharing by Default, Consent for Unmuting & Audio Alert for the Waiting Room

Security and Privacy Update from Zoom

Security and Privacy Update from Zoom