Microsoft Teams | How to use

Microsoft Teams for online meetings is part of our Microsoft packages and everyone can use it with their MacBook. Here you find brief instructions on how to do this, including how to install it for anyone whose MacBook doesn't already have it pre-installed.

Results of the eLearning survey

Results of the employee survey on eLearning initiated by Attila in December 2021

New external Data Protection Officer

With effect from December 1st, 2021, CytoSorbents Europe GmbH has appointed a new external data protection officer in the form of Mr. Robert Haßfeld.

Zoom | Statistics

From 400 to over 3000 Zoom calls per month!
Zoom is an integral part of our daily work.

Complaint Update - important instructions

Two important points in connection with the complaint process.
An overview where to find what: Cytosorb eLearning and marketing collaterals for CytoSorbents distributors and staff.

Adsorber in the Car

Handling of absorbers in cars during high or very low temperatures
Tags: PM, Adsorber, Carstock

eLearning - Update

Update on new eLearning Modules
Tags: PM, eLearning

Blinki 2.0

Leuchti 2.0