eLearning | Pilot project | Medical basic training in five languages

Starting this week, there are now six modules of the basic medical training available in five different languages: English | German | Spanish | French | Turkish.


Below is an overview of the Medical Basic Training eLearning modules that are now available in additional languages.


This allows many of our international partners to complete the basic training in their native language. Since making eLearning modules available in additional languages involves a great effort, this expansion of the range of languages is a pilot project in which we are investigating the acceptance of the modules.


Preview of further eLearning functions:

As we are constantly working on the further enhancement of our eLearning platform, we will hopefully soon be able to differentiate between "mandatory module" and "learning offer on a voluntary basis" when rolling out the "Lesson Plans" / "Lessons".

This will allow us to address the different requirements of individual groups (sales departments, distributors, employees of "internal departments", etc.) in a more targeted manner than before. 


Best regards,


Attila Tröber

Education Manager


Training modules of the Medical Basic Training available in

English | German | Spanish | French | Turkish

  • Terminology and technical aspects
  • The adsorber
  • Cytosorb in systemic hyperinflammation
  • CytoSorb in cardiac surgery 
  • CytoSorb Integration in CBP
  • CytoSorb in liver failure








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