eLearning - Update

After some time we have now published a series of new eLearning modules.
The target group is primarily all those who are working in a clinical environment. But if you are interested, all product-related courses can be used by any employee.
Please register on http://experts.cytosorb-learning.com with your email address. The password can be reset on the login page in case it was forgotten.

Further modules will follow until end of July 2020.


Overview new Lesson Plans



Lesson Plan: APPLICATION 1 - Troubleshooting CRRT

Application-1Module:          Troubleshooting CRRT       
Author:            Eva
Duration:         15-20 min
Languages:     DE EN 


Lesson Plan: Basics 1-6 CytoSorb in ECMO


Module:           ECMO: clinical setup and application
Author:            Cândido

Duration:         2 units 15 minutes each

Languages:     EN


Principle-of-ECMO-General-aspectsModule:           Principle of ECMO: General aspects
Author:            Cândido
Duration:         2 units 15 minutes each

Languages:     EN 



Module:          ECMO & CytoSorb integration
Author:            Cândido
Duration:         2 units 15 minutes each

Languages:     EN


Lesson Plan: Basics 1-7 Hemodynamics course


Module:         Hemodynamics Course – basic

Author:            Marijana

Duration:         4 units, 10-15 minutes each

           Languages:     EN 


Lesson Plan: Basics 1-4 Cardiac Surgery


Module:           CPB & CytoSorb integration

Author:            Paolo

Duration:         10-15 min

           Languages:     EN DE 



Module:           Setup - Step by Step

Author:            Dominik

Duration:         15-20 min

Languages:     EN DE

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